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Look! That's me in the fifth row!!!! No wait! It's YOU! Hartford welcomes Rush on the Vapor Trails Tour Opening Night! Photo: Jman2112

ED NOT: After the first two shows and the creation of this new Vapor Trails spoiler page, fan feedback to me has been overwhelmingly positive and positively wonderful. I'm getting about 6-10 emails per day from fans. The photos, the photo taking FAQ and the setlist have been extremely popular, so from us here at Echoes of Old Applause, we applaud YOU! Read some comments...

Joe Jordan Great site!..Im seeing the guys in Raliegh NC July 4..Can't Wait!!Its been soooo long.Great info on the tarot card as well...

Paola Johnson Your site is fantastic! Thanks so much for making it available for fans. My friend and I will be going to the show tonite at Nissan Pavillion in Virginia. After five long years, I am so excited this day has finally arrived!

Sean Herrmann Excellent Site. I also made the Hartford show which just happens to be in my home state. It was great seeing the THREE BLIND MICE together again. All I can say is since Hfd I have been to Saratoga Springs and I am still waiting for The MSG NYNY 10-24 confirmation so I can get tickets for that. But it really is great to see them together again and seeing them makes me realize this is not there last HURRAH. Once again Great Site.

George, I came upon your site and was wondering if you would like to contribute a few photos to my site... I've had some tour photos in rotation on the main page but took them down for a bit. Check it out and let me know if you'd be interested. Thanks.

Paul Martin Great job, big guy! LOVE IT! And I'm so pleased you have the FAQ -- I was wondering how you get away with it! RUSH ROCKS! I saw 'em at Nissan Pavilion in Virginia on Tuesday and want to go to Camden Sunday to see 'em again, but the wife won't go there. Might be time for a solo jaunt! A fan since 1976. Thanks again!

Phillip Chouinard hello you rock on takeing pictures you know that.thank you so much for letting me save the pictures of there new what was there songs in order do you know?if you know could you tell me please.becouse iam going to see them at the gorge on sptember 14 can't wait tell that happins.your pictures are so COOL you are the best at takeing them.well got to go. oh my name is phillip chouinard e-mail me some time. later RUSH is the best baby.

Matt Hushin Hey letter J - Got your card at the Hartford show. Nice to see them back after 5 years and it was a special treat to see the opening night of their tour. As I said in your guestbook, love the title of your card/site. I recognized it right away as lyrics to one of my personal favorites - Losing It. "Sadder still to watch it die than never to have known it". Nice to know the boys haven't "lost it". Neil is my idol. I wish I could do 10% of what he does on the drumkit. I can't believe they opened with Tom Sawyer. It really surprised me. I'll bookmark your site.

Joe Waldusky What kind of camera did you use? Did you use a flash (if so, did security hassle you?). I'm going to the show in Chicago on July 20. I have to have pics. If I can pull it off. I'm a huge fan and have been hitting their shows since the 2112 tour. I can't count how many times I've seen the boys. I stopped counting after 20.

Keith Greenard Thanks for providing the great photos. I met you briefly as you were passing out your card. I made the trek from Vancouver BC to see the first two shows. Thanks again!


Phil Carnivale Hey! How's it going? You handed my your card during the recent Hartford show. I was right behind you. I've checked out your website. Great job. Great pics! Do you ever get concerned about getting caught brining a camera into the shows? Just curious. Thanks.

Mark Bell Mr. J-Man. . . I never got a chance to thank you for allowing me to stand next to you (read: sponge off of your kick ass seats) at the Scranton show. That was an amazing show with kick ass energy and thanks to you, I got to experience it approximately 8 rows back. In case you are wondering who the hell I am, I was the tall guy that was standing in front of you for the first set and next to you during the second set. Can't wait to see how all those pictures turned out! Take care and thanks again. I owe you one. Thank you.

Crazy Steve
Had a great time @ Scranton. Im Dug-less without Douglas! I left it in the back seat. i went to sleep at the bus depot when you and charles dropped me off i left my dougout in the car can you call me and let me know how it went. me and my friends are going to sarotoga and buffallo sat and sun be well keep l in touch. Keep following the TRAILS!!!!

Joel Middendorf Hey jman2112, I got a card from you at the Meadows parking lot b4 the Hartford show. Just checking in to say hi! The concert was great..I think their best, and I've been to quite of few of theirs over the years. :) My friend told me that they're playing at Jones' Beach. If there's stil tix, I might try to get there. Have fun at the PA show!

John O'Connell Hi jman~ My name is John, as if you didn't already have that one figured out, I visited your site and wanted to let you know I live in San Diego also and I want to contribute to your site. I have some pics of sheet banners I painted for the past 6 or 7 Rush tours, you may have even seen them at the show. Let me know what you think. Hope to hear from you soon, take care.

Chris Irwin Hey Dude, Dug your website! Greetings from St. Catharines, Ontario, the original Subdivisions. Are you going to attend the Rush Convention?

Andrea DeWitt Hi Jordan, By all means do put up some sort of link to my site! Thankyou!! Its nice someone knows and appreciates how frequently the site is updated! But I'm in my last semester of college and therefore have plenty of free time. Besides I'm just so excited by the prospect of seeing Rush!!!! This will be my first time. I'm 22 and have been a fan for 4 years now. (I very quickly learned that being a 22 yr old girl whose into Rush is a rare find based on some of the emails I've gotten.)

In the past month or so I FINALLY found someone else at Rutgers who loves Rush as much as I do and he is just as set on going to as many shows as we can! So I'm planning on going to the Hartford show and then the ones all around the NJ/NY area, and I plan on going to see them in either Toronto or Montreal!! I'm going all out. Rush means enough to me that I have no problem shelling out the cash. Its going to be great. I really like your site by the way. Congrats on getting so many hits. This new album is doing wonders for Rush sites! Take care and keep up the good work with your site.

Paul Bolton I had visited your website and thought I let you know the new Rush album will be titled "Vapor Trails" soon to be release on May 14, 2002. Pass it along. Have A great Day.

Marc Kim jordan; i really enjoyed reading your some materials from your rush site. you are definitely a diehard fan (like myself).

Tony V Hi there. I was on your website recently so I thought I would drop you a line. I was very interested reading your stories about Toronto.(By the way, I live in Toronto). I'm a pretty big Rush fan myself but not quite to the extent you are. I've been catching their concerts from about the Moving Pictures days and I was at both shows you wrote about.(Canada Day 1997) Everything you said about them was bang on(volume, energy, etc.) Anyway, if your interested in some information I just recently received about the band, you can e-mail me back and I'd be happy to share it with you. That is if you don't already know it all. Also, I'll share with you some stories about meeting Geddy and Alex. Hope to hear from you soon!

Daniel Toranzohi!! i just wanna know some about the guys.some news and all you can send me on. im from Argentina. Thanks Daniel

Paul Sheeley I just saw your web site. I was blown away! Ive seen them 9x first time opening up for Nugent around 76. I saw the t4e show in Houston. My most claim to fame is I met Alex In Las Cruces, NM on a friday nite in January before an awesome 6th row experience on the next nite (Sat.) at the Pan Am Center on NMUS campus. It was great talking to Alex and I feel that he was quite amused with me. I'm a very hard core RUSH fan...Cool, Good to hear from you JMAN. Thanks for news. The Hemispheres tour at the Cow palace with Pat Travers was well, .... OK, The Roll The Bones in Las Cruces...Nevermind!

Nicholas Stocker Hi there Jman, I was just on your web site 'Echos of old applause' (although I didn't actually look up name. DOH!). I posted this on your guestbook but the network I am on sometimes interferes with that kind of thing being published. Anyway i wanted to thank you for putting those photos up on the net. I am a lighting designer and HUGE Rush fan in Vancouver Canada. Howard Ungerleider is regarded as one of the top guys in the industry so I am always looking to steal ideas from his rigs. It's one thing to watch the videos (A show of hands is out of date, old Vari*Lite VL1's and 2's) and try and work out which lamp is doing what but in your shots i couls actually see the fixtures (cybers, studio spots and colours etc.) as well as how the rigging is assembled. I do mostly corporate stuff but that will often involve a band for gala night plus I do lights for a friend of mine's band. As I say, I know they weren't there for my benefit but thanks for pictures.

William Young I just got my yyz2112 with my new computer. I've been a fan since I bought HYF on a whim. I saw that tour in Charlotte NC (my very first concert) when I was 17 and have seen them a total of 9 times around the south/mid-atlantic. I envy tour show in Toronto. THAT whould be the place for a Rush show. Someone once asked Leanardo da Vinci why we should study "classical" thought and he responded by saying "I study the ancients not because I agree with them, but because they agree with me..." and being true as I can to an Objectivist philosophy I regard Rush in much the same way. I "napster"ed My Favorite Headache and IT ROCKS. Lotsa slappy bass! I'm in Reno now hoping that Ged will tour if there is any delay going back to the studio for the new album. Even a few dates on the west coast would be nice. I would be willing to travel, but I would bet that he will forgo, as did Alex. Bless you maintainers of good Rush sites for keeping us informed. I have yet to hear Ged on the radio here* Nothing but AgRock . Keep up the site, I'll be checking regularly.

Steve Joyce Absoutely loved your rush photos.....I was 3rd row at hospitality point in SD. You must have been standing right next to me for thoses shots of alex!

Dave T Sez:Hey Jman, Thanks! Just came across your pics of the Rush shows and they are awesome. I'm specially happy to see them since the ones I took at Hartford didn't come out that great - shitty little disposable cam - and the cam I was using at the Bristow, VA show was taken by security - no big loss another shitty little disposable....still that was disappointing, but I can't complain too much since I snuck up to 5th row in front of Alex from somewhere around 16 row.

Anyhow, the show was great. Even under a driving rain storm, it was awesome. for me the best was Alex's singing during La Villa - he totally cracked Ged and Neil up....Neil was actually laughing and had a great huge smile for the rest of the song. That was great to see.

Can't wait to see them again towards the end of the tour - I'm considering flying in to Toronto for a show -- or maybe somewhere else in the NE. I was able to get good tix (around 15th row) for both shows by calling in to ticketmaster on two separate phone lines. Had to use American Express on one of them, tix ended up being around $90 for each show. Well worth it.

Hmmm I think I'll have to get me a Cannon Sure Shot Owl. Cheers.

Casey O'Connor (an old, classic email from the TFE Tour!) Jordan, You don't know me, and I don't usually email people that I don't know, but in this case I've decided to make an exception. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Toronto diaries, but as I was reading your third installment, something was bothering me. So I'm going far out on a limb here, but I have to ask you: Is The Vest made of jean material? And were you sitting with a guy with "Internet Mailing List" written on his T-shirt and stereo microphones propped up on his glasses? If it was you, you were sitting about four rows in front of me, Section 201 (Geddy's side). If it wasn't you, please forgive me. But, if it was, I would like to congratulate you. My friend and I had come in early before the crowd had sat down and when you arrived and sat down, I turned to my friend, said, "Yeah! Some REAL fans here tonight!" I was sitting Row R, Seat 38, right behind you. I badly wanted to get on the floor, but the scalpers were hawking those seats for $175 dollars a shot. I simply couldn't afford it (hey, I'm only a student). Anyway, I wore a black StarMan shirt and stood for about half the show, waiting for everyone else to get up. I had a great time and can now die knowing that I saw 2112 live at least once in my life. People threw things at me. I air-drummed with Neil. I watched the crowd rise and fall below me. My heart raced. My back ached. I loved every moment of it. So I can understand the admiration you had for this wonderfully sublime experience. If that was Charles with the microphone propped up beside his ears sitting beside you (if it was you), tell him I admire and respect him for handling one of the greatest bootlegging operations I've ever seen. His anti-security moves were fantastic. Here's hoping it was you (oh, it's a small, small world).